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Evernote (Windows) won't sync

shj en

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I added a lot of notes to Evernote via the Windows software (I am running Windows 7) I tried syncing many times - i am certain i have internet connection - updated the software - restarted computer and it keeps failing to sync.  I need the information on my ipad & iphone apps and am completely frustrated.  Why won't it sync?  If I can't get this to work - how can I get all of the info from the desktop to my ipad/iphone? 

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Obviously, thousands, maybe even millions, of EN Win users are successfully syncing Evernote.  So there must be something specific to your computer and/or setup that is preventing a proper sync.


You might try the following:

  • Make sure the Notebooks are NOT "Local Notebooks".  Local Notebooks do NOT sync by design.
  • Review the Evernote Activity Log to look for sync errors.  This may provide a clue or reason for the failed sync.
  • Log into the EN Web Client at Evernote.com, and see if you can create new Notes.
  • Do a Google on "evernote sync failed" to see a number of helpful posts.

When you click on the Sync button, what happens?

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Can you try to connect using a different network?


Since August 30 my two Win 7 computers (desktop, wired; laptop, wireless) stopped syncing on my home network. The laptop will sync, however, if I connect it to my phone's hotspot. which is evidently a slower connection. Go figure.


Interestingly, I can't even connect to the Evernote website via my home network internet connection anymore. I cannot access my account on evernote.com, nor submit a ticket. The rest of my internet connection seems to be fine except for a couple of other sites that are slower the usual, but the speed of my DSL is as usual. Haven't changed EN version, haven't modified firewall, restarted modem and router, can't figure it out. My activity log just reads, "81% Can't read from Internet, error: INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET." Then it tries again, fails, and aborts sync.


I'm getting a new modem tomorrow, after an hour spent with Verizon tech support today. Let's see if that works.


Anyway, I hope something here helps you, shj en.



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Evernote (EN) has a user Knowledge Base (KB) with articles, Getting Started Guides for each app, and general information. It's not (in my opinion) terribly intuitive if your brand new to the program, but once you get a grasp on the lingo, it gets a bit easier to search when stuck.

I've include links below to KB homepage, the Getting Started Guide for Windows 7, and an article about Sync issues.

YouTube is a great resource for How To videos, particularly those posted by a user called "Evernote Scott." I've included a link below for him too.

Knowledge Base homepage:


Getting Started guide for Windows 7:


Trouble syncing:


Evernote Scott:



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