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Note Vanished

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Two days ago I went into my evernote for a schedule of interviews. I set this note up over a year ago and use it for my show.


I went in to update it. I had last updated on 8/19/14. It was GONE. After doing the dance with evernote help and answering all the routine, mundane, evernote told me it was in the trash.  I never put it in the trash and went to look for it in the trash and its not there either. wth?


I did see it on my phone (in the summary screen) before all the devices began autosynching and even grabbed a picture as proof it was in there, although I wasn't fast enough to get to the note in question.


Is there anything I can do?  It will take me hours and hours to recreate retrace and I will look like an idiot.


Your help is vital.  I believe I created this document in the app on my Macbook it that helps. I have already been on the evernote website and don't see it there or in the trash.  I didn't even know where the trash was, so for me to do this is impossible.


I'd attach the activity log but it won't accept the file. :<

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First step, which you have likely already done, would be:


Check the web version to see if it happens to still be on Evernote's servers:



If not, and if you have a time machine (or any other type of) backup of your Macbook (I sure hope you do!), you can potentially recover a version of your Evernote database that contained that note. It is a bit of a chore, but an important note might be worth the effort. 

Your database will be in 

~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/Accounts/


It's a bit of a chore to look through the database, depending on how many notes you have, but again, the payoff may be worth it. 

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