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Desktop Folder Won't Sync


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I am using EN Windows Desktop, along with the web version, and on iOS.  I created a new stacked Notebook by importing some EN export files from another account.  At the same time, I added new Notes to an existing Notebook I had.  The Notes in the new Notebook won't sync, but the ones in the existing Notebook do sync.  The new ones are set to Synchronize in the the Properties dialog, and under Status each of the new notes say "Needs sync", even though I've clicked the Sync button numerous times.


Having issues with Tags too, some will sync and some won't.


Why won't these new Notebooks and some tags not Sync?

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Also, the new Notebook folders won't even show up in the other accounts.  They are all there in the Desktop version, a new Notebook I created from within EN Desktop, and then three Notebooks that I imported, but none of it shows up on the other devices/web, not even the new Notebook I created from within EN.  Very odd.

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How many accounts, are the notebooks shared and if they are shared what are the rights given when shared?   Is business day the new or existing notebook?

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I just did, and the log says for all the Notes that won't sync:


    08:32:45 [856] 85% Skipping note "Top Resume Action Words" in an unsynced notebook "Career"
    08:32:45 [856] 87% Skipping resource "107fccc237c031af4a6e25fde0802083" of an unsynced note "Oil & Gas Basin Maps"
Under Each Notebooks's >Properties, they all say Synchronized Notebook, so I don't see a setting that would prevent them from synching.  Maybe something about the stack they are in?


So I just moved the unsynching Notebooks, with all there Notes, to a new location under Notebooks, all stacked together, and they synch fine.  So there was something about the first stack that EN didn't like.

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