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Deleting a note

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How does one delete a note? How does one segregate a group of notes into a notebooki???   I have never had an ap with less instructions on how to use it!!





Well, it's helpful if you specify what client(s) you're using...

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By client, she means, what device and with which operating system are you using Evernote on?

Generally you can select multiple notes by holding the shift key while selecting the first, then the last, then drag them to the desired notebook, kr use the menu that appears where the note body normally would.

You can select multiple, non-adjacent notes by holding down ctrl (windows) or cmd (Mac). Then drag or use the menu.

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No idea what you mean by "client."  Let me try again; how do you take a bunch of notes all in one notebook, and segregate them into several notebooks with different names?


I fully understand what you're asking.  It depends upon what client you are using.  Are you using a web client?  (Accessed via a browser.)  Are you using a Mac/Windows desktop client?  (Downloaded & installed.)  Are you using Android client?  iOS (iPad/iPhone?)

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Hi N6FB,

Welcome to the Forum!

In addition to what's already been posted, the Evernote Knowledge Base (KB), located on their company site, contains "Getting Started" for each of the clients.  Please see Scott's post regarding what is meant by the term "client."

I have provided a link below that will take you to the appropriate page of the KB.  Once there, simply click on whichever client(s) your are using Evernote on and it will take you to the Getting Started tutorial. Repeat for each client.

These tutorial guides are great resources for anyone brand new to Evernote as they cover the details of basic functions as they are handled by each client.  Remember that each Client and their corresponding App, all look and behave slightly differently from each other.  This is out of neccesity simply due to the fact that each has been made to work within each device's (client's) native hardware.

NOTE:  This (above) does *not* affect your data integrity.  Though you should be aware that while there are fairly frequent updates for all the Apps, and that Evernote continues to strive for consistency, some features are available only in some clients.  The desktop ones - Mac, Windows 7 & Windows 8 - are the most comprehensive in terms of available features.

The KB itself also a great resource to learn more about to perform more complex tasks within the Evernote (EN) environment.  This User Forum, while sponsored by EN, is also a great resource and in some cases, provides better explained and/or more up-to-date information in the form of thread discussions than the KB does. To be fair, word has recently come down that EN is working hard to improve the KB.

To be clear, questions on the forum are always welcome. Though I would caution you to keep a few points in mind before making future posts:

➡ One very *important* thing you should ALWAYS include when posting questions, is to state which Client(s) you are using. If you are using more than one - say the Adroid and Windows Clients, for example - and the question(s) specifically involve *both,* the please detail how as best as you can. If your question(s) relates to only one of the clients you are using, only state the relevent client.

➡ This is a "Users helping other Users" forum.  Everyone here is *volunteering* their time, including the Moderators and Evangelists. Occassionally an EN employee will chime in on a thread or stop be to make announcements on behalf of the company, but these instances are somewhat rare and should not be counted on.

➡  For official Tech Support, aside from log-in or other account specific issue, you must now be a Premium or Business user.  This is a very recent change and is, I *think,* still in a transitional phase.  (So you could still, for now at least, try contact Tech Support if you're a Free user, but I would not count on a swift or overly useful response.)  The link to a newly updated thread detailing the "Best Practices" for submitting a Support Ticket is also provided below.

➡  Please try to search existing Forum threads to see if any issues you are having have already been addressed in previous discussion, before posting questions.  This is not asked with the intent to discourage new members, it's just that chances are that any problem you will run into, have already been asked by many others before you! Trust me, I've been there...

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