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Hans Lef

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Hi and welcome to the forums !


You have to SYNC to get your machines updated.

If that did not work, please describe in more detail what you did or what is happening.

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If you have notes in the iPad,  you need to sync it to get notes to the server,  then sync the desktop to receive those notes.  Use your desktop browser to see whether the notes are in the web version via Evernote.com.  If they're not there,  the problem is with the iPad not syncing properly.  If the notes are there,  it's down to the desktop not syncing. 

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Hi Hans,

I don't know if the answers already provided have helped or not (and they do come from far more knowledgeable & and experienced users than I am), but I thought I'd jump in anyway. I'm guessing that English is not your first language and that you are a fairly new Evernote user, so have framed my comments in such a way that I hope will help clear up any remaining confusion you might have.

Please accept my apologies if I've made the wrong assumptions, as well as my use of CAPs in a few places. I'm writing this from my phone so don't have access to the Forum's full text editor to use bold, italics or underline to emphasize certain points.

Also note that all the responses previous to mine come from users & moderators who are very skilled and knowledgeable about Evernote. I am fairly green myself with not quite a year under my belt and am not tech oriented, so when I try to help new users I tend to do it in a very detailed manner as that is what has helped me to understand Evernote. (And still does as there's so much I still don't know!

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