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Sync failed for Sticky Notes

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I am not sure what "device/platform" means. I use evernote and sticky notes in my laptop and iphone, if that is of any importance.


Regarding the problem, I opened the sticky notes´ "settings" window, then under user account I chose "change" and I followed the steps specified there, where you have to request an activation link and then introduce the code you are given. The rest worked alone.


It is very important to note that all the notes I created in the period of time where my sticky notes weren´t synchronized with my evernote were completeley lost, bam! Disappeared! 

What it did was only sync the old notes that were saved on Evernote before and delete all the new ones, so be carefull and save somewhere else your notes!


Hope this helps!



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Thanks for following-up, Veronica. I'm sure it will help someone at some point!

By "client" (or device or platform) I was asking whether you were operating on a Mac or Windows for the desktop, and what kind of mobile device you had - which we now know is an iPhone, so thanks! The reason folks are asked to provide this info is the Evernote software comes in different applications (a.k.a. "apps") that work specifically with the device(s) you're using.

The Windows Evernote app would not work on a Mac, and the Mac Evernote app would not work on a Windows machine. The same is true of mobile devices - each type of mobile device has it's own tailored app. Your iPhone has the matching app and my Android phone has it's matching app.

Hope that makes sense!

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Veronica, you're a saint.  I work 8-5 every day keeping the IT up to shape for a large organization, and run my own business providing personal and business IT services after hours.  Looking back, the first thing I should've tried should've been attempting to re sign-in to my account, but your forum post turned an unknown for me into a known.

You've done good work today, Veronica.  The internet, and some hapless user another two years from now, thanks you.  I leave you with this, as my humble thanks:


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Well, I am one of those hapless users two years from when apickle wrote who had the same problem until I saw your post just now!

It'd be nice to see in the box that opens when you click on settings and see the error code, a little phrase saying "click on the Change button above". I like to think I'm a pretty experienced EN user but I didn't figure this out on my own. BTW, folks, you set the authorization in Sticky Notes/Evernotes for a maximum of 1 year. Then, upon doing the update as I did just now, all my sticky notes reverted to yellow and I lost how they were displayed on my screen (PC). Now to check my other devices (laptop, phone, tablet). Wow I hope I didn't lose any notes, but I bet I did, Veronica, based on your post.  I hope EN can help us prevent the problem in the future.

Thanks, Veronica!

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