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  1. Fam, Firefox is a Win32 app. When I switch my Windows theme to dark mode, it changes to the dark Firefox theme. So that doesn't really hold water. You're not open source. No real reason for me to stick with Evernote over OneNote if some colors are too much to ask for - and it's clear you guys acknowledge the need for this feature, otherwise you would've told your users on every other platform to pack sand, the way you are to your Windows users. >:/ For the record, I fully agree that this feature should be implemented. Professional apps are dark, it'd be nice to have this.
  2. Suddenly completely broken? That's interesting - I'm a longtime user of Evernote and I have REGULARLY had this problem with their lists. Tables are also magnificently broken - especially on the web version. Also, gonna throw out there that it's pretty shameful that their fancy new web interface doesn't work on perfectly modern, standards-supporting browsers like Firefox. That is enough of a dealbreaker that I will manually edit my notes and bounce to a platform that isn't locking me into a browser that relentlessly spies on me. I mean, c'mon guys. It's a list. This has been standard
  3. Bah gawd. Yer a wizard... Simon... enjoy the coffee. ;)
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