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  1. Well, I am one of those hapless users two years from when apickle wrote who had the same problem until I saw your post just now! It'd be nice to see in the box that opens when you click on settings and see the error code, a little phrase saying "click on the Change button above". I like to think I'm a pretty experienced EN user but I didn't figure this out on my own. BTW, folks, you set the authorization in Sticky Notes/Evernotes for a maximum of 1 year. Then, upon doing the update as I did just now, all my sticky notes reverted to yellow and I lost how they were displayed on my screen (PC). Now to check my other devices (laptop, phone, tablet). Wow I hope I didn't lose any notes, but I bet I did, Veronica, based on your post. I hope EN can help us prevent the problem in the future. Thanks, Veronica!
  2. I hope someone from EN sees this! EN has revolutionized my life for the positive. The way it works for me is with EN Sticky Notes b/c they since across my devices. I need more functionality in Sticky Notes. I prob. have about 10 different Sticky Notes, all to-do's, based on topic (e.g., several for home things, many more for the various departments I oversee at work.). Can you give us BOLDING in SN, also put the font (parts of the SN) in a different color. Checkboxes would be awesome too. I still haven't figured out how to see my SN notes on my Android tablet....this would be incredibly helpful as I spend a lot of time in the car and need to easily see the stuff. Reminders isn't the right concept.....It's not a "do this today" but rather a lot of items in numerous topics (SN) that I keep prioritizing and going after every day. Well, I would love to be a beta tester for you if you want some more input and help. Thanks! Killer app. I just bought Premium, mostly out of feeling you guys deserve me to pay for it. Evernote, EN Sticky Notes, and my Fujitsu Scansnap -- wow! Bonnie in PA
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