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Lost notes

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I asked about this a while ago and have had no success since. I have sent in two enquiries to evernote support and have had no feedback. I'm assuming they simply cannot help.


I updated my evernote on my S3 a few months ago and upon logging in again only some of my notes (some only half) were there. The rest were just the note titles (but remained empty). I logged in online and find that there are only about a 1/3 of my notes there. The ones with just the note titles are missing completely.


I would just like to know if there is any hope of retrieving those missing notes (that are an accumulation of years of note taking) or are they lost forever? I.e. is there by any chance some locally based storage on the phone in which a file can be retrieved? Or could I roll back my evernote to that previous version?


Thank you, anyone who can shed light on this for me


Attached is my log


New Text Document (2).txt

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