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  1. Hi, I asked about this a while ago and have had no success since. I have sent in two enquiries to evernote support and have had no feedback. I'm assuming they simply cannot help. I updated my evernote on my S3 a few months ago and upon logging in again only some of my notes (some only half) were there. The rest were just the note titles (but remained empty). I logged in online and find that there are only about a 1/3 of my notes there. The ones with just the note titles are missing completely. I would just like to know if there is any hope of retrieving those missing notes (that are an accumulation of years of note taking) or are they lost forever? I.e. is there by any chance some locally based storage on the phone in which a file can be retrieved? Or could I roll back my evernote to that previous version? Thank you, anyone who can shed light on this for me Attached is my log logs.zip New Text Document (2).txt
  2. If your phone is not syncing & you are using the exact same account, then this is probably what's in the cache on the phone. Mobile devices don't sync the body of the notes unless you have a premium account & designate all or some of the notebooks for offline access. And of course, if you're not sycn'ing the phone, then that's what's in the cache from the last time it did sync. Hi, So what you're saying is the body of the notes don't get cached either? I am not on a premium account but surely my notes should be accessible nonetheless? So essentially you're saying that what I've got on my phone (which is more than what show's online or on windows) is ultimately whats left of my notes i.e. my notes were not synced or backed up before update and were deleted? I would pay for a premium account if it meant getting those notes back.
  3. No it's weird. I signed in online to see if they were there and it's the exact same. On my phone though all the note titles are still there. They are empty or slightly missing. In the top right of the folder though there is a sync symbol but like I said there is no syncing when on 3g or wifi.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I get a message "Could not load this note" with a watermarked exclamation and a retry button. I have tried on 3g and on wifi. I was wondering if it was possible to access the locally stored data folder and try re loading that i.e. saving the data somewhere and uninstalling evernote and then reinstalling it. I only have one account so it's not a duplicate account thing. I upgraded on a wifi and when I opened the notes again the only ones that came up were "Last synced 10/2012"so I'm sure I've synced at least once since then. Sorry I said email but I meant I have sent a support request and am awaiting a response.
  5. Appalled! I am so frustrated with this app. I did an update and lost most of my notes. These were important notes starting from years ago. I don't understand how such a reputable company can let this happen? Surely the foremost task of evernote is to be able to keep notes. How simple is it to store a bit of text? Then all the flashy stuff can come after that. I am absolutely aghast that I have lost these notes (and hear there are many other users who share this problem). I don't understand why the notes are not backed up locally, or at least reminded to sync before updating. Or why doesn't Evernote write under the description of the app "Please do not write anything important or valuable to you, as your data may be lost". I have written an email to Evernote with no reply. I used to use Evernote religiously but unless my notes are somehow retrievable (They do not show on desktop app Either). Then I am moving to another more dependable app like OneNote or something simpler and leaving my review as a one. What is wierd is that I have notes that were made at later date to others, so you would think if it was a sync issue it would follow chronologically.To add salt to injury whenever trying to find the notes or figure out what is wrong a message or advert keeps popping up offering to go premium at a really expensive rate. Look I'm not one to hold grudges and can forgive and forget, and I promise to update this post if I do somehow manage to get these notes back. But in the meantime I am disgusted with a company of this stature to let something like this (essentially its number one priority) happen.
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