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Sync issues between Evernote Desktop and Server

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Hello everyone,


since now a few days, the notes I have created from my windows desktop evernote application is no longer synchronizing with the server and so my other devices (mac and IPad).


I thought it was an issue with the IPad, so I have reinstalled it but it hasn't change anything.

I then logged online to evernote web, and I can see that the notes have not been updated (it is showing me 84 notes, while I have 97 notes on my Evernote desktop)


It is quite an issue as I usually create new notes on my windows computer and access them on my ipad.. or other mac computer.


I have updated the new desktop version today, but it hasn't improved anything.


For your information, I have created a note on my IPad and I can see the note on evernote web and the windows desktop evernote

Note created on IPAD --> I can see it on both evernote web and evernote windows desktop

Note created on Evernote web --> I can see it on both evernote ipad and evernote windows desktop.


But note created on windows desktop--> no update on IPAD and evernote web.


Any idea? Is it the windows desktop app which has an issue?





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Looks like the Desktop version has stopped speaking to the server.  Try clearing out any trash notebooks you can find and check and correct any Conflicting Changes notebook entries.  Restart you computer and retry the sync.  If it fails,  exist Evernote completely backup the existing database folder (just in case) and Revo remove and reinstall the Evernote application.  This link will give you details of the process,  though the issue there isn't quite the same...

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