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  1. Hello everyone, since now a few days, the notes I have created from my windows desktop evernote application is no longer synchronizing with the server and so my other devices (mac and IPad). I thought it was an issue with the IPad, so I have reinstalled it but it hasn't change anything. I then logged online to evernote web, and I can see that the notes have not been updated (it is showing me 84 notes, while I have 97 notes on my Evernote desktop) It is quite an issue as I usually create new notes on my windows computer and access them on my ipad.. or other mac computer. I have updated the new desktop version today, but it hasn't improved anything. For your information, I have created a note on my IPad and I can see the note on evernote web and the windows desktop evernote Note created on IPAD --> I can see it on both evernote web and evernote windows desktop Note created on Evernote web --> I can see it on both evernote ipad and evernote windows desktop. But note created on windows desktop--> no update on IPAD and evernote web. Any idea? Is it the windows desktop app which has an issue? cheers, jacques
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