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[Request] CTRL-E to go to Search


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Can EverNote have the key command CTRL+E go to the Search bar in any Notes view? In Note Editing, it can stay as it is (Paragraph Align Center), but it would be useful to have that key combination in Notes view.


Please let me know of any questions. Thanks.

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Yes. Ctrl+Alt+F (or equivalently, F6, which is what I use) clears the current search, and put you in the search control from nearly anywhere in Evernote.


Having Ctrl+E do this as a semi-global shortcut key, while retaining its current use as a note-local shortcut sounds like a pretty good path into user-confusion land.


But if you really want it, you can probably get there using AutoHotKey, which is free, and pretty generally useful (I just recommended its use for the software that I work on, which saved me from having to code up some new accelerators for what is probably a low usage feature).

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