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what do I need to do to move a local notebook to a new laptop?

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got a new macbook.  downloaded a new evernote client to my new macbook.  logged into evernote.  realized that I cannot access all my notes that were stored on my old laptop in the local notebook that was stored on that old machine.


I guess my questions are:  where should I be looking for that Local Notebook on my old machine?  what is the process for getting the Local Notebook from the old client to the new client.  I assume that I just need to put a file into a folder on the new machine to be able to access the Notebook from the new client??????

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You will need to export the notebook to Evernote format, copy the resultant .ENEX file to your new machine, and import it into your Evernote instance. And probably mark it as local.

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Oops, not paying attention.

Can you do the same on a Mac?


In theory, yes. But the execution is different. It's my understanding that the Mac client database is comprised of several files, whereas the Windows client is the one exb file. But I do think if you know what folder(a) to copy over, it can be done on the Mac client b/c you're essentially doing a backup & restore - just restoring on a different computer.

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