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Bug report?

Graham Gott

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Just found a bug. Not sure if it's in EverNote or the web clipper but it's repeatable.


I was using my Windows7 machine no problem with any of my notes. However, when I started using my XP machine Evernote randomly (it seemed) kept shutting down - instantly - as if I'd pressed the close button. I didn't know what was going on. I then narrowed it down to my !Inbox. Everytime I clicked on that, it was gone!


I rebooted, I re-installed EverNote, I even deleted the database and re-downloaded everything. As soon as I clicked on the !Inbox again - it went! After a lot of headscratching and moving notes about I managed to narrow it down to a particular note. A few days ago I clipped a person's Facebook page who was screen grabbing my images for evidence later. It was this note that was causing the problem and was the first note in my !Inbox.


I deleted the note and all was well again. However, I went back to the webclipper to grab the page again - this time in XP. Not quite the same result but the message EverNote has encountered a problem and needs to close! However, it opens in Win7 fine!





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Hi.  Don't think that qualifies as a 'bug' if only one clipped page has this effect in one OS.  There's clearly something odd about the page,  and you could report this using the support page (see link below).  Best advice though is the same as for bashing your head against a wall.  If it hurts,  stop doing it!  


Clipping a page takes all the contained code with it - would it be enough for you to have a snapshot of the same page?  Try using Windows 'snipping tool' to snapshot the page and save that as a JPG image.  That should be safer in both XP and W7.

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I wasn't sure either but I just thought I'd mention it as it kept me busy for most of the day and may help other people with the same problem.

I would have preferred taking a screen shot myself but it was a long page - too big to get on the screen...

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