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If I use the Note Link function within my Evernote Mac client to create wiki like connections between my notes, does that change the privacy settings of any of my notes. All my notes are defaulted to private and a don't share my notebooks. I'd like to create a deeper level of connection between my notes from linking instead of just tagging notes but I don't want to change the privacy of anything. 


Any one have any experiences or thoughts? Many thanks!  :)

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Note links are not the same as note sharing so creating a link doesn't reduce your privacy.


I agree, so lets say in your wiki-like setup, you were to have notebooks and or notes that you DO share with others that contain links back to a parts of your wiki that is NOT shared.  They will see the green link back, but if they try to use the link it will take them to a Log-in Page since they are not ossciated with that page as a private note. If it is a non-synched notebook the link will not be a "Http://" type format but an  "evernote:///view/" type format


These non synched local Evernote links WILL work inside other applications on your local computer. So lets say you have a notepad file that allows hyper links in one of your folders on your computer as part of your personal wiki which is outside of evernote -- this could have a link to a non-synched evernote on your local computer "evernote:///view/"   this kind of link would work -- but on the computer were the non-synched Note is located only. -- But again you will need to be logged into Evernote locally too.


For peice of mind, copy an Evernote link that is private but IS synched to servers "Http://" Log out of evernote on your browser and then try it

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Nicely put! Only one other person, Megsaint, was able to describe this change in a way that made it clear to me. A lot of others tried, but... You're not by chance her other half are you?


I wish I was, She sounds like . ..  well,  . . . .a Saint. You are so kind. I sometimes think I make the perfect Idiot tester of programs because I'm the perfect idiot.


If I can somehow figure it out, then pretty much the rest of the world will too because they are way ahead of me

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