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(Chrome) Bookmarks mirrored in Evernote


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As a longstanding Librarian, I have amassed an enormous number of bookmarks that have followed me from one browser to the next (Netscape to Chrome).  As a diligent Evernote user/packrat/information manager, for nearly 5 years, I often wonder how I can make my bookmark collection more actionable through Evernote.


On the cloud front, once upon a time Delicious predated Evernote in this regard with respect to one's bookmarks, at least in terms of tagging.  Proprietorially, Microsoft Windows 7 (maybe XP/Vista before) allows free-text searches of one's "Favorites" provided they are in Internet Explorer (which I have moved on from) - brilliant, but limited.


Has anyone else pondered, or attempted to facilitate such a convergence with Evernote?  Is there a 3rd party program that accomplishes this?

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I don't know if there is a 3rd party app that coordinates with Evernote or not. You might want to search through the app centre as per the below link:


My personal favourite is Diigo, a cloud based bookmarking service/research tool, that allows you to do so much more than merely saving a link. You might even be eligible for the free educator's upgrade. Below is a link to the Diigo's homepage and another about the free educator's upgrade:




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I agree with Wordsgood - I've been juggling a growing number of bookmarks between different browsers (I used to use Firefox [Fx] and then found Chrome's clipper had better features so I moved to Chrome.  Now I'm back to Fx because it saves clips to my desktop rather than the web) and different machines - two laptops and a 'phone.  Keeping the bookmarks harmonised was becoming a major task.  I was looking to move the whole library to Evernote so I could access it anywhere,  then got bogged down in how best to list and tag the bookmarks.  So for the moment at least I'm with diigo!

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