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Moving notes among shared notebooks

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I have just a couple of questions: my wife and I both have Evernote accounts.  My account is a premium account and she has a free account.  I have several shared notebooks with her.  I can move notes among those notebooks, but it looks like she can't move the notes from one of the shared notebooks to another one.  Is there a way for her to move notes among the shared notebooks or is it not possible?


If we had Evernote Business, would it be possible for either one of us to move notes among shared Business Notebooks or among Business Notebooks in the Business Library?




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Not positive but I think she has to be a premium member too in order for her (A free account holder) to do that. Business accounts would definitely do it -- problem sold


Here are a couple other options


I have one premium account which is the "Family Account", (which is my main account) most of the notes are uploaded there. The family can log onto that account from everyone's phones, they can also have their own personal free accounts. If anyone needs to move things from notebook to notebook they can do so as they have access to the "Family Account" (it usually comes down to me being the archivist and they just have access to everything there or can upload to it.  By using their email they can forward things to either the "Family Account" or their "personal accounts"


What is in the "Family Account"  well most everything -- Manuals, trip planning, reservations, information on neighbors, the house, shared projects with my wife, Bills and notes on how everyone's phone is set up, (lot of this Bills are not shared with  the cloud)


You got some financial things you don't want everyone sharing?  Have it in a private notebook not shared with the cloud, or have it in your personal free account in a notebook not shared with the cloud, it therefore doesn't populate to everyone's phones, tablets or laptops and is only on your desktop -- its safer not having it in the cloud anyway.  And then I can have my own personal account.


My family account usage is pretty heavy . Over 5,400 notes, about 978 private notes (not in the cloud). We're on everynote every day.

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AFAIK if you've given full edit privileges from a premium account to a free account holder they should be able to do most everything without having to be a premium or business account holder.  For the two of you I'd say Business is a total overkill.  Upgrading the free account to premium may be an idea if you need the extra upload capacity,  but otherwise shouldn't be necessary.  Suggest to our wife that she try copying shared notes to her own notebook if necessary - she won't be able to 'delete' your notes by moving them.


Free account holders get to share one notebook too,  so if it helps she could share one notebook back to you as a reciprocal channel...

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@Mike357 On mac I noticed some odd behavior with publicly shared notebooks, that may or may not apply to regular shared ones, maybe you can try and let me know.


I joined the publicly shared notebook and let the notes sync.

I tried to drag the notes to a different notebook. (The shared folder was a recipe folder and I already had a folder for that which I wanted to add the new shared ones to)

it wouldn't let me drag it to another notebook. (it would only make shortcuts in the notebook tray)

I was however able to move the notes to another notebook by right clicking and choosing "Copy to notebook"

I had the same results with 3 different publicly shared libraries


Again I don't know if this is just something that is a bug or intend, or if it is a public share only issue, or a mac client version issue.  But give the right click option a try if you haven't already.

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