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Evernote clipper open when pressing single quote key


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I'm using version 6.2 of evernote clipper on windows 7.

Everytime I press the single quote key, clipper opens up.

Is there any way to stop this ? or change the keystroke that will kick off web clipper ?


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Visit the Clipper options page and disable the keyboard shortcuts on the keyboard shortcuts tab. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

I had previously looked at the options and couldnt see anything anywhere, I  didnt notice there was a tab set up for the shortcuts :-(  

Thanks for that.

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In the last hour, I have found Evernote Clipper suddenly opening up in Chrome un-requested and very frequently but irregularly without me doing anything out of the ordinary. (I was filling in an online form). Following the advice above,I have disabled all keyboard shortcuts. Let's see what happens; at least it hasn't popped up whilst typing this!

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