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  1. I had previously looked at the options and couldnt see anything anywhere, I didnt notice there was a tab set up for the shortcuts :-( Thanks for that.
  2. I'm using version 6.2 of evernote clipper on windows 7. Everytime I press the single quote key, clipper opens up. Is there any way to stop this ? or change the keystroke that will kick off web clipper ?
  3. What have you done to web clipper. This morning it looks like theres a new version of web clipper for chrome. Now clipping is very sloooooow and the notes are just piling up on clipper and not updating to evernote. Ive uninstalled, reinstalled rebooted pc.. no difference. Not happy !.
  4. App deleted from iphone, reinstalled and all notes reloaded, now it seems ok.. blip ! happy again :-)
  5. Cheers for the replies Guys, looks like its me then :-( A quick uninstall and reinstall for iphone then I think.
  6. Today (wednesday) none of my evernote notes are syncing from iphone, has anyone else got this problem ?. Syncing via pc is fine, and syncing via awesome notes is fine, but the evernote iphone app isnt ! Just started today ! Thanks Nige
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