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Different number of notes


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Hey all, 


I have a sync issue I think.  On my windows pc at work, 777 notes are listed.  In the web client, and on my android phone and tablet, there are 778 notes.  I re-sync'd the androids and pc.  Also signed out of each and signed back in.  That cleared the app cache in phone and tablet.  


There is nothing in the trash either.


Being only one note difference, I'm not too worried, but I would like to know what the lost note is.


Any help would be appreciated.

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May not be what you want to hear, but I have found that you cannot really trust the note counts on the web client.  Right now I have a temporary, small notebook containing 5 notes on the PC.  When I look at the notebook on the web, the note count in parentheses is 10 but the number of notes visible in the note list is 5.  The count in the bottom right of the screen is 1-5 of 5 notes.  So the bottom right is accurate but the parentheses are not.


If you want to see if you can find the missing note, or if it exists, put a temporary tag on all of your notes on the PC.  Do a -tag search of that tag on the web and see what you get.

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