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Hello everyone! My apologies if this had been asked already. I haven't been able to find it. I had a Evernote account I used for...well everything. I have recently been promoted at work and have started to do some traveling. I made my Evernote a premium and then later created another account for work because I started to us it more frequently for work notes, travel itineraries, and expense tracking as well. Now I have two premium accounts. One for work and one fro personal notes. Both are mine not corporate business accounts.


I have several questions:


1-Do you use two separate accounts or do you use one account with Personal and Work notebooks? I was thinking of migrating to one account for simplicity sake.


2-If you do use one account, how do you keep your more personal notes discrete? I fear if I am showing someone something in my Evernote, they will see all of my more personal notes when I open the application on desktop or otherwise.


3- Do you use Evernote for business expense tracking? How is your note/notebook setup for that? I would like some ideas on how to do this more efficiently as well.


I am new to the group but look forward to participating, learning, sharing ideas, and perhaps building some "Evernote friendships" along the way. ;) 


Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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I use two accounts, one for personal use, and one for work. I share certain notebooks between them; some of which are read-only and some of which are writable. I don't do business expense tracking.

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Hi Mark


Whether you use one account or several is entirely up to you.  There are some good security reasons for having a separate 'free' account for business - you won't give away any information about your personal account when you share business notebooks;  you account won't be compromised if someone finds your work access unlocked;  and,  as you already know,  there's no risk of unprofessional details sneaking into a work-related presentation.  You can 'share' one notebook from your free account to your premium account with full editing rights,  and likewise from the premium to the free - so if anything occurs to you at work that should be in your personal account,  make a note in that notebook.  Later,  move that note into your personal notebooks when you're at home.


If you decide to keep some personal notes in your work account,  use a Notebook Stack for 'home' and another for 'work' - it will keep your notes a little more separate.


And as for expenses - there's no maths in Evernote so I do use a daily note to capture what I do and where I've been,  and I do use CamScanner (mobile) and my document scanner for the desktop to save all my receipts - but I need Excel to add up the numbers and do calculations,  and my bookkeeper likes paper (strange person) so I keep the actual receipts.  There are apps like Expensify that will integrate with Evernote to do some work for you..


Ultimately what you do and how you do it boils down to:  what works?  What are you comfortable with?  There's no substitute for starting to use Evernote and trying out whichever approach appeals.  You'll soon find out what's best for you.


Good luck!

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While you can't quite have the open/closed notebooks you mention, just want to make sure you know that since you're a Premium user, you can have multiple accounts active in the Windows and Mac clients, and can very easily switch between them by selecting the desired account from a dropdown list.  Use "Add Another User" or "Add Another Account" (depending on Windows or Mac) on the File menu to get this going.  I find this really handy for quickly accessing multiple accounts.

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