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ios Notes are not using calendar for titles

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I love taking meeting notes with Evernote on my iPad. Up until recently -- I think at least a few weeks ago -- it would appropriately pull in a note title from a meeting on my calendar (and if there wasn't one, it would pull in the location). At some point, I don't know when, it stopped pulling in my calendar info and only pulls in location.


I've checked the following:

- Permissions are properly set for my calendar

- The "use suggested note titles" is set to "on" in Evernote.


Anyone know how I can fix this, or why it's doing it? I really want those automatically suggested note titles back for meetings on my calendar.


Secondarily, I would LOVE the option to select whether Evernote uses calendar info, OR location data, or both for note titles. I don't care about location, but I do care about calendar info and would love to toggle location off. 



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Maybe as a fix you should re-install the app? It would mean deleting it fro your phone.


The way evernote titles is trying to be too clever. I'd like evernote to simply put the title of each note as the first line!

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I have the same issue. It used to work but has not for some time now. Any suggestions beyond the reinstall? If anyone did reinstall, did that fix the issue?

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I am experiencing the same trouble. I cannot longer see the calendar event in the note title, only the location. The weird thing is that it does work fine in my mobile but not in my Tablet. In both cases I have selected the "suggested title" option and the calendar is set and working properly... Any clue?

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Another thing to check: only events from your default calendar will populate in the title. An event on a different calendar will not show up as the note title.

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