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  1. So thumbnails will be added, along with the ability to add or remove pages from the notes. But it sounds like the "old idea = notebook, new idea = single notes" is still being retained? I don't understand this line of design thinking. Evernote has notebooks that contain individual notes. The old Penultimate had notebooks that contained individual notes. The only place where this didn't line up together was when Evernote imported Penultimate's notebooks, which it turned into single scrolling notes in one notebook called Penultimate. This has always felt like a bug to me. Why does Evernote n
  2. Here's what I find really weird (among many things) about this update: one of the things they "fixed" was the fact that Penultimate had notebooks with discreet pages, and Evernote pulled those notebooks in as single, continuous scrolling notes. I always found Evernote's implementation of this to be the flawed one, not Penultimate's. I always used my thumbnails in Penultimate because they were so easy to use, and the only time I ever pulled up notes from Penultimate in Evernote was when a search would pull it up, because a continuously scrolling note is useless to me. I had always hoped they
  3. I sent in a support ticket several days ago that said my old notebooks -- which had thumbnails for me to find pages and allowed me to write in landscape, which is a frequent use when I sketch -- are now useless, infinite scrolling single notes. The response I got was being directed to this thread to say how awesome the new update is. Really, Evernote? THAT'S your response?
  4. So, I actually really like this feature. BUT...it always pulls in the worst choice for a title. In fact, it keeps pulling in events from my Facebook calendar, EVEN THOUGH I've specifically not allowed that calendar to show up in my iOS calendar. So why is Evernote pulling it in? How do I disable my Facebook events from showing up? I really like predictive titles when I'm in a meeting at work and it pulls in the name of the meeting, but if there's a Facebook event it always pulls that in instead. I can't seem to find a way to disable that. One thing, though, that I would love: if I'm NO
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