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  1. I stumbled on this thread in a search for something else. What a fantastic tip! I'm always trying to track my work so that I can reference what I did later, and this is brilliant. Thanks for posting!
  2. Hey everyone, I've used Skitch for a while (and love it) and only recently knew that you could add text to stamps (maybe this is a recent feature). I can't seem to add much text, though -- certainly not enough to be informative, and it seems less than what I saw in the Skitch help video. Is there some way to increase the text field size? Here's all I can fit: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s33/sh/ffdb49a3-be17-47d6-86eb-c2a3bad5c237/7e17f982a2ca018554557b2d60e77957 What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  3. Oh yeah, and two-finger scroll doesn't always work. Super frustrating. I can kind of live with continuous pages (though I hate it), but not if the two-finger scroll doesn't work. In version 5 it was a simple tap to go to the next page -- worked all the time.
  4. I had high hopes for these fixes, but like others have said, I'm still experiencing critical problems. - The zoom box still randomly jumps to the upper left corner of the screen - Trying to move the zoom box with my finger -- either because it's jumped randomly or because I want to put it somewhere else on the page otherwise -- takes literally SEVERAL tries - The drift feature is back, but it's nowhere near what it was before. The previous speed felt perfect. Is this the same as the previous version? It feels different and too fast. And if you move the zoom box somewhere else and have drift turned on, it begins drifting before you've begun writing -- not cool. - I own a Jot Script Evernote Edition, and the writing is *still* not where it was in version 5. It's choppy, sloppy, skips, and and feels very poor. It was so smooth and easy to write cleanly and neatly in version 5. I even have a brand-new battery and have checked this in other note-taking apps -- it's definitely Penultimate at fault. I've switched over to Notes Plus, and I guess that's where I'm going to stay.
  5. So thumbnails will be added, along with the ability to add or remove pages from the notes. But it sounds like the "old idea = notebook, new idea = single notes" is still being retained? I don't understand this line of design thinking. Evernote has notebooks that contain individual notes. The old Penultimate had notebooks that contained individual notes. The only place where this didn't line up together was when Evernote imported Penultimate's notebooks, which it turned into single scrolling notes in one notebook called Penultimate. This has always felt like a bug to me. Why does Evernote not import Penultimate's notebooks as...you know, notebooks? And each page as a single note within that notebook? It sounds like things are still going to be forced into this weird paradigm of "you don't work in notebooks anymore, you work in single notes! ...Except that these notes will have multiple pages and have thumbnails, but they're totally not notebooks." Unless I'm misunderstanding? If you guys are reverted back to the old "notebooks containing notes" model, it seems like it'd be easier to just say that, so I'm guessing you're not and this is a weird partial fix.
  6. Here's what I find really weird (among many things) about this update: one of the things they "fixed" was the fact that Penultimate had notebooks with discreet pages, and Evernote pulled those notebooks in as single, continuous scrolling notes. I always found Evernote's implementation of this to be the flawed one, not Penultimate's. I always used my thumbnails in Penultimate because they were so easy to use, and the only time I ever pulled up notes from Penultimate in Evernote was when a search would pull it up, because a continuously scrolling note is useless to me. I had always hoped they would fix the fact that Evernote didn't pull in Penultimate's notebooks as, you know, notebooks, like they should be.
  7. I sent in a support ticket several days ago that said my old notebooks -- which had thumbnails for me to find pages and allowed me to write in landscape, which is a frequent use when I sketch -- are now useless, infinite scrolling single notes. The response I got was being directed to this thread to say how awesome the new update is. Really, Evernote? THAT'S your response?
  8. I thought exactly the same thing when I saw it in my inbox this morning. I even HAVE the Jot Script Evernote Edition. Just totally surprised that they'd be sending these emails out given what a step back the upgrade is.
  9. Submitted a bug about my notebooks being turned into notes yesterday...have heard nothing. Agreed, with others: this is a horrible update. I've been a heavy Penultimate user for about two years: - My Jot Script Evernote Edition that I LOVE feels broken now in Penultimate. I had to test it in other note taking apps to be sure I wasn't crazy. It works. Penultimate doesn't. - All 9 of my notebooks are gone. They're now infinite scrolling notes. This is horrible. I can no longer easily find the pages from my notes that I needed by looking at thumbnails. - Giant circles as notebook representations? Paper's UX here is better: allow the user to define a color/pattern for the notebook for easier visual scanning. This just makes it harder and wastes space. - Supposedly it's a "feature" that the pen width you save also saves the color you were using in it? The resulting UX is that it feels buggy: I change to a new color, then I change pen widths, and the color changes to something else. That's not what I expect to happen at all as a user. This happened in the old version and felt like a bug. Was surprised to see this still here. The new writing functionality is terribly broken: - The old zoom/advance feature was wonderful! I could two-finger zoom in and have it actually move at the speed of my writing. It was beautiful and easily my favorite feature of Penultimate. It got me using the app more. Now it's gone. The new constant scrolling speed on the zoom window is not useful at all. Too fast, and no advancement button nearby? - The zoom window RANDOMLY JUMPS to the upper left corner of the page WHILE I'M WRITING IN IT. Every time. - I have to tap three or four times all over the screen to move the zoom window just to advance it over and continue writing. I kept thinking the app was about to crash because of the lack of response. I don't think I've ever been so disappointed by an app update. Penultimate was by far one of my top three most-used apps, and now it's virtually unusable. I've had to scramble to find a suitable replacement (Notes Plus...won't replace all the old functionality I liked and the old Penultimate's easy UX, but it has some.)
  10. This happens to me ALL the time. And it's SO frustrating because I rely on Document notes a LOT for my work. I always have to uninstall and reinstall the app and that is an absolute PITA. I've had to do it several times. Please fix this crash, Evernote! It's horrible!
  11. I love taking meeting notes with Evernote on my iPad. Up until recently -- I think at least a few weeks ago -- it would appropriately pull in a note title from a meeting on my calendar (and if there wasn't one, it would pull in the location). At some point, I don't know when, it stopped pulling in my calendar info and only pulls in location. I've checked the following: - Permissions are properly set for my calendar - The "use suggested note titles" is set to "on" in Evernote. Anyone know how I can fix this, or why it's doing it? I really want those automatically suggested note titles back for meetings on my calendar. Secondarily, I would LOVE the option to select whether Evernote uses calendar info, OR location data, or both for note titles. I don't care about location, but I do care about calendar info and would love to toggle location off. Thanks!
  12. So, I actually really like this feature. BUT...it always pulls in the worst choice for a title. In fact, it keeps pulling in events from my Facebook calendar, EVEN THOUGH I've specifically not allowed that calendar to show up in my iOS calendar. So why is Evernote pulling it in? How do I disable my Facebook events from showing up? I really like predictive titles when I'm in a meeting at work and it pulls in the name of the meeting, but if there's a Facebook event it always pulls that in instead. I can't seem to find a way to disable that. One thing, though, that I would love: if I'm NOT in a meeting and I want to take a quick note at my work desk, it pulls in a predictive title for my location. But since my office is right next to Pike Market in Seattle, it always pulls in "Note from Pike Market." What I'd love is to be able to tell Evernote somehow that this location is work, and it could then use "Note from Office" or "Note from Work" as the title. - Caryn Vainio
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