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change picture icon for my notes



does anybody know how to change the icon that's next to your notes in the app?


Each of my notes has several images, but the one image that shows in the box is always random. Is there any way to change the icon to a specific image? I'm hoping that it's possible because sometimes I can find a note more easily by the image rather just the jumble of text next to the image.


see pic for ref of what I'm talking about.




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I seem to remember this coming up before. As far as I can remember, Evernote picks the image with the "longest shortest side" as the representative graphic.


Please, anyone else with better information, chime in if this is incorrect or no longer true.

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Nope - you nailed it.  Evernote have their own image-fu by which the thumbnail is chosen,  and many are the requests to have a "use this image as thumb" option for images...

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