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Expensify does not sync with Evernote


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I am trying to sync between evernote and expensify and cannot get this to work, I have contacted expensify help and they say its a problem with evernote, is anyone else having a problem?


I scan all documents (not just receipts) in to Dropbox, and recently discovered CloudHQ that would sync from Dropbox to Evernote, which means i don't have to change how i work, and in theory can just dump all my receipts in to a folder and will automatically go in to expensify for processing.


Everything syncs fine between dropbox and evernote, however only some of the receipts made it over to Expensify. I tried re-connecting between Evernote and Expensify and nothing syncs, have tried doing a manual sync and get some to sync over before i get an error message saying its lost connection and then i have to delete the link between them and start again.


I received a response from Expensify to say i must stop using the desktop version (mac) of evernote and use the web based version to import the receipts and then they will transfer, but even this does not work. They tell me there is a problem with the sync between Evernote and Expensify, but i don't see anything about anyone else having problems.


Can anyone help or is anyone else having this problem?



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I'm trying Expensify out but haven't used it enough to find any problems yet - I'd suggest you submit a support ticket (see below) and let Evernote and Expensify slug it out...

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