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  1. Tried on Safari and on Chrome, cleared caches, logged out and back in, switched back to old version and back to new and no difference. In the old web version added a reminder to a note, when I came back to the new web version I have an icon of a clock , but its not "clickable" , so cannot do anything with it. but its also just shown on the note with the added reminder. Its not so important for me, Im finding workarounds with everything else in the apps, my question is more that once again Evernote announce something that doesnt seem to work, It looks to me that the release details sent by email yesterday as implemented and available are not, so why send it. I do not have access to reminders, pdf annotations and sketches in the web client. Maybe some people do?
  2. I just received an email from Evernote saying that"Evernote Web Leveled up". It says that in the Web version its now possible to use Reminders, Annotations and Sketches. None of these work in my web client either in Safari or Chrome. Can anyone else can use these in the web client? (it says "Track deadlines with ease and express your ideas visually. Reminders, PDF annotations, and sketches are now available in Evernote Web."
  3. Hi, Contacted support but nothing back yet, I was curious to see here what people are finding with theirs. Ive been with Evernote since Sept 2008, and have just over 20,000 notes, sad that some features have been taken away that I use, but I can work around that, and have defended Evernote the past couple of years when many forums get the Notion debate as it just doesnt work for me at all. Also seems like many others, reports I put in on the Beta testing seemed to be ignored and the release came out with many of the faults I found during beta testing. It appears we are all now beta testers, and of course I can try starting again and using workarounds as I'm doing with other things the new releases have messed up. But offline notes is something I want and need across everything, Not to go through my notes and pick and choose which I will sync , if that would even work. It still shows the 1 note as not synced in my !readitlater notebook that I have opened and read on the phone, but still shows as not sync'd. Reading much of the forums I have tried the single notebook downloading, removing and starting again etc. However , kept away from Notebooks with over about 200 notes in them and was left with just a handful of notebooks to sync (about 70 in total) which had as little 22 and others with betwen 2000 and 6000 notes in them. The 50 note limit doesnt't seem to restrict this, I have about 70 notebooks and what has downloaded is over 50 notebooks, with mainly small amount of notes in them, though ranges from a few notes to a few hundred notes, and at one point got to half way on a 6000 note notebook. its now just stopped syncing, I have one notebook with 1 note in it, and hasn't moved for over a week now. The phone still has over 150GB available, so not that. I can see that there may have been an issue at first with amount of people, but something is not right and failing to find a way to keep it syncing. My Issue is like many things with the current updates, if it doesn't work now, fair enough , I can live with that for a short time, but when we are told it does work and put trust in Evernote to wait and nothing is changing is not acceptable. Disapointing as it looks as though I will have to start again to just get it to move , but obviously dont want to keep going back to the start without giving a fair bit of time , though over a week left alone and even plugged in with screen unlocked all night and evernote open hasn't progressed it.
  4. How do i download notes for offline use. I have tried different. methods and keep restarting phone and app, I have tried syncing one notebook at a time and some have succesfully downloaded , however some just sit for hours and days and nothing downloads, even a notebook with 1 note. Does offline notebooks work or not?
  5. I have noticed that if I copy the link to another app, such as email, doing as I said above to open the app and not web, the link will go to the correct note.... HOWEVER..... if you then move to another note without moving note books and then go back to the email (in this example) and click the link , it will just open the evernote app at whatever you had open not the actual linked note. For example : I create a link to a note titled 2020-10-15-ABC1 (how i date my notes) Paste this into the note and then copy the evernote:/// link from the popup Paste this link in to an email and send the email (to use as an example) When the email is received i click on the link and it takes me to the note within All Notes. I then scroll down in All notes and select another note , for example 2020-10-10-ABC1 I then go to my email app again with evernote open but in the background and click the link in the email Evernote comes back to the front but stays on the note already open i.e 2020-10-10-ABC1, not the linked note. If , however...... I click on a different notebook, i.e !Inbox within nevernote Go back to the email and click the link again Evernote opens as before in the All Notes with the linked note. It seems to me this will be a problem. I also tried putting links to two different notes to see what will happen. Repeated the steps above and works correctly it opens the first linked note Without doing anything within Evernote i clicked the second note link from the email and Evernote comes to the front but still showing the first linked note. Unless you move out of the All notes within evernote the links do not work to take you to the correct note. If between clicking links you go from All notes to another notebook the links will work to take you to the correct note. However, again, after trying this a few times with different notes it has now stopped working altogether. If i create 3 different links to different notes and try to open them outside of Evernote with the evernote:/// link, it just keeps going to the first note. Even if evernote is quit and re-opened. regardless of the link it goes to the same note. Ive kept repeating the above and Evernote crashed, it will then work as I explained but quickly the links just dont work and do not open any related note or notebook. Just random. Sorry, I thought I had found either a solution or a problem, but seems it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt.
  6. What you are explaining works. An evernote:/// link works, and using Taskclone (which originally lost connectivity with the upgrade) still seems to use the evernote:/// link and all appear to work correctly. Of course (unless Im missing something) I am unable to create this type of link to any note using version 10, but using the Legacy version will create both types of Link that both work. However, If i copy the link to a note and paste in to another Note it creates a link which is "evernote:///", however to go to another application the same link pastes as a "https://www.evernote" link. I see as a work around, due to links not working from the first click within a note, it is possible to select the "evernote:///" from the pop up box of the link within the evernote note and then copy the evernote:/// link which when pasted in to other apps will open within the Evernote app and not go to the web browser.
  7. If i create an internal link in a note clicking on it "sometimes" opens up another link that i must then click. In the Legacy version nothing happens at all. Previously was very fast and simple to click on the link to take you straight to the linked note It seems we have waited years for the update for all the "new features" to finally get here to find the only update is the removal of most of the functionallity. Applescript doesnt work.... Meaning Hazel scripts no longer work Taskclone doesnt work ..... Meaning no automatic creating tasks in other apps from notes Tags sometimes work...... making tagging slow and "hit and miss" , previously it was possible to quickly tag and move out the inbox Reminders ...... Another thing that was easy to add , sometimes will add it, but so far i have to try a few times to get the reminder to appear. No reminders at all in the web version, though I thought this update was to bring everything together and operate the same across every platform. Selecting Notes....... Looking at alternatives to sync pdf's in to Evernote as Hazel cannot anymore, I tried another sync option, but realise that now its only possible to select 50 notes at a time, meaning the new sync has synced 3000 notes (all already in Evernote, but needed to keep sync correct), and find I can only delete 50 at a time. Email integration ...... I have used Airmail, Spark etc. and now these seem to have lost the ability to quickly add emails to evernote, It seems forwarding the email will work, but no longer a one click option. Really disapointed that I have supported Evernote for so long, when many people have talked about leaving as "no updates and no new features" for so long , when for me it worked very very good at what it did, and didn't see the urgent need to "fix" what worked. Now we are left with an official release that has removed much of the functionality that kept Evernote ahead of the competition. Now it seems everyone is REALLY waiting for updates to Evernote just to return features that have been removed, for what? more text options?
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