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View HTML in Copied Notes



Is there a way to view the html code in note text copied from a web page?


It would be really helpful to be able to do this to remove unwanted formatting. I know I can remove all formatting, but that's not optimal either. I just want to remove some formatting.

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AFAIK Evernote translates the content of a web page into its own display language,  so the html content will be lost or compromised once clipped.  There are several browser add-ins that will allow you to edit, print or PDF selected portions of a page and I think the only way to achieve what you require would be to use a third-party app to edit the page and then clip the resulting browser display with Clipper.

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You can edit after clipping but it's a bit painful. 

You have to export them in .enex and edit them with a notepad.

EN duplicates all styles from the style sheet throught the html structure (inline styles), so you have to do search/replace in the whole file. 


The more convenient, if you can, is to edit  the CSS file before clipping the page, within your browser (Chrome has the inspector element [access with right-click somewhere, or via tools], for FF you have to install Firebug).

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