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Would like to be able to highlight note subjects within lists


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I'm making increasing use of folders to organize my separate projects. Within these, however, I will constantly add clips from web, notes for bigger assignments within that project or source material. The result is that my most important working notes become lost in the list. 

My suggestion is for an option that allows a note title to be highlighted. I am thinking of how Mac folders work, with multiple colors. For now one color would be sufficient.

Even if I make a note a favorite, it does not change the formatting of the title sufficiently in my list for quick identification or access. I didn't expect this to be such a challenge, but when working with source materials the note names start sharing certain words. They become subtle differences of each other and therefore very difficult to pull apart.

Another option for solving this would be to add a field in the note list frame. In the same way you can add 'Sync Status' alongside 'Updated' and 'Title', you would be able to add 'Starred' or a 'High Priority'. This would allow for a quick re-ordering of the list between high-priority (working files), medium-priority (support fragments of writing) and low-priority (source material).

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Hi, welcome.


Yes a little bit of color will be helpfull, and I experiment similars problem 

However, there's no sign EN will implement such a feature in the near future so you have to deal with it, and use workaround.


You can :

- use tag for important notes, save seach and set them as shorcuts

- use more visual characteres in titles like this :


##### my important note #####


or with special char, depending of the font...


●●●●● another important note ●●●●●

And of course you can use tags & visual chars.

Hope it helps :)

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If by 'folders' you're talking about Notebooks,  there are a couple of ways you could look at this - 


One would be to set up a 'stack' of notebooks for your current project to include separate notebooks for work in progress / sub tasks / clips.  Your ongoing notes go into WIP and everything else goes into a suitable notebook under the same parent.


If your research affects more than one project,  you could have stacks for WIP (with a notebook for each project) plus others for generic clips etc.


Or you could go the titles and tags route and just label each note appropriately with titles and/ or tags for <project><content><keywords/ comments>.


Not detracting from the original suggestion,  because I'd like to see more colours too!

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