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Looking for a List App that integrates with Evernote

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Here is what I would like - does this exist?


I would like an iphone / ipad app that can connect to my Evernote "Next Action Items" notebook.  Each Note title can be checked off and the lists within the note could be checked off as well.  I use Evernote as the storage and desktop interface for my lists, but I would like to be able to find them on the go from my iphone without digging through the Evernote App.


For example: 


Note title - "go to Target"


Note body is a list like - 


toilet paper




I checked out cleverList and it didn't work for me.l  Gneo sounds promising but I don't need the calendar integration.  I wish there was a trial so I could try it before spending $10.  

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I think for shopping that getting a dedicated shopping list app might be the way to go. Those apps can easily organize your list by aisle order and usually once you've told them what aisle something is in they automatically put it there (some apps know many items when you install them). 


Now, those apps aren't as good with Target lists (other than food), but in truth the thing I shop most for is groceries and those they are killer on. 

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For your specific purposes you should consider a third party grocery list application with Evernote integration like:
Say Mmm or grocerytrip.

In addition to making the basics of managing a list much easier than Evernote's text editor,they both offer extensive additional features you might appreciate. And best of all it still keeps things conveniently in Evernote.

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