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Moving text lines

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I am note sure if this is already implemented. I searched for that, but couldn't find. If not this is even a feature request.


When I am working with text within a note, especially with bullet points or checkboxes, I would like to move text lines up and down. I know that cut and paste will work, but this is not the optimal solution. I would prefer if there is a shortcut with the keyboard, because when I am editing and notes, my both hands are on the keyboard, but not the mouse or trackpad. Would be very convenient. 



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For topics that require substantial movement and relocation of bullet points, I use Workflowy.com

Faster and more efficient than Evernote.

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This is the reason I rarely use checkboxes - it is too awkward to rearrange items, especially when mobile, because cut & paste can be tricky just using your fingers.


On Android, Google Keep handles this well, with a "list" note that allows you to drag checkbox items to reorder them. Hopefully someday Evernote will include this functionality.

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