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Printable Tags and Notebooks Lists



I would love to see a feature on Evernote that would allow me to print a list of tags and a list of notebook titles. From my internet searching, this is apparently something that a lot of people want to be able to do.

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They must not be reading this forum then because a list of notebook titles (with active links if you want 'em) is easy to do.  Agreed that tags could do with a little more tlc - but click on the tag heading in the left window on any desktop and you can at least screenshot tags and incidence..

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Gaz, I'm curious though, it looks like the OP is looking for a way to print the titles of the notebooks themselves, not the notes within a given notebook (which is, of course, really easy). 

How do you print a list of notebook titles. My suspicion is that you'd have to go the screenshot route for that too, as with tags. Maybe I'm mistaken? Maybe I haven't read the forum closely enough either!

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Hi Scott


You're right of course - my bad.  My speed reading threw me off at a corner again.  Seems I'm the one not reading carefully enough.  Though I have to say I lurk on a few forums (fora?  forumses?) and haven't ever seen someone looking for that...


However yes,  you're right again - you can list notebook names easily in the desktop version but you need to screenshot them for reference.

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No worries, Gaz, you know that I am pretty bad for committing the same faux pas around here very often!


I too did a quick google search after you said it was possible and I didn't find many/any people looking for a way to print their notebooks titles. Of course, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful for the odd fringe case. 


To the OP:

From other discussion about printing the tag list around here, it looks like screenshot and print is the best way to go. Of course, it isn't a terribly good way to go, but its what we've got!

Here are discussions about printing the tag list that might help, and could translate into printing notebook titles:



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Actually this is a bit recursive,  but if you screenshot notebooks or tags,  merge the resulting JPGs into a PDF file (or print off and re-scan) and then OCR the merged results,  you'd get some editable output...


Or you could go the notebook minimalist route and just have a few...



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