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Feature Request note link fails to update



osx, EN 5.3.0

I have Notes, A and B.

The title of A is "Zebras".

Into Note B I put a link to A. In B, that link's title automatically set as "Zebras".

Later, I revised the title of Note A to be "Zebras and Aardvarks".

In B, the link title remains "Zebras".

Is there a way to have the link name update when the title to the Note being linked to is changed? thanks

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looking forward to your advice on how it is easy enough to recreate a link that has been placed into 45 of my other  notes.  Can I do more than one at a time? thanks in advance, this will really help.


"It's easy enough to recreate the link" - you just have to do it 45 times...  OK that was a bit of a sweeping statement;  and I appreciate there's a lot of pasting involved for more than a few notes.  It's still the case though that Evernote doesn't update links automatically,  and you'll need to find a workaround or an alternative.  I would imagine that it could be a huge overhead for any editor to keep checking links to other notes and update them in the event of changes.  Maybe when Evernote revisit the editor (which by all accounts they're doing now) there will be some additional options that may help.

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