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Something I would like you to consider and pass up the management pole...

Having used Evernote premium for some months now I can state that I find it very useful.

However, whilst it is a competent database management cross referencing system, it lacks one thing.

A calendar/journal.

When I go into the office in the morning, sit down at my desk, first thing I do, is check my calendar for the day.

Why not overlay a smart calendar on top of the existing Evernote opening page? Let's face it, the general look of Evernote is boring and unimaginative. Design a format along FantastiCal2 calendar, fully integrated into the Evernote notebooks and we would have something highly desirable in terms of functionality. Unequaled in the market place.

When adding new notes, they could be added via the calendar, thereby making the overview of stored data more easily accessible, so for instance if I sat down in the morning opening my day page, notes could be added and retrieved on a specific day, time, and logged in calendar, day, month, year mode.

This would also negate having to use separate calendar/schedulers and do away with the jumping forward and back between two separate software systems.

How difficult can it be?:-) when by all accounts the Evernote office is staffed by it geniuses!

Yours sincerely,

Joe Sedlmaier, London.

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I can understand why many users are calling for calendar integration for Evernote. Personally not something I need necessarily (I find my calendar+evernote:/// links work just fine for the most part for me). 


You might check out some of the third party options such as:





and you might also consider looking into what 


has to offer.


Obviously not as slick as a fully integrated calendar, but these offerings are pretty robust and highly customizable. In addition, it means people like me who don't require a calendar-like feature for Evernote don't have to deal with what I might consider "bloat" (something extraneous that I wouldn't likely use)! 


While you suggest this would eliminate the need for using an external calendar program, I disagree. Unless Evernote offered sharing events and calendars with non-evernote users, Exchange support (for my institution), and .ics support, I WILL need another calendar application. I think this would be the case for a lot of Evernote users, and building a calendar application that supports all the things I just named is not as trivial as slapping together a pretty interface. 


As far as Evernote being boring and unimaginative, as far as desktop applications (for the Mac at least) go, it is on the more attractive side. Besides that, I want my information to be front and centre, and Evernote's current desktop offerings do a pretty good job of staying out of the way of my stuff (although there are some things like the bezel around note content that I could really do without, and which would recover some space for more effective use). 

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Another third-party calendaring option is our TuskTools Calendar solution.  In addition to being able to use it as an appointment calendar where specific notes are identified as appointments to display on the calendar, it also has a mode where all of you notes are displayed on the calendar by either Created or Last Modified date, which sounds like it might be a good fit for you where you say "so for instance if I sat down in the morning opening my day page, notes could be added and retrieved on a specific day, time, and logged in calendar, day, month, year mode".  (I should mention that it's a Windows desktop solution, not applicable for Mac folks at this time.)

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