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EN reminders in Outlook

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There are a couple of options - one is to turn the question around and start with the calendar.  There's a clipper in Outlook too,  so you can set up an appointment and clip it into Evernote,  then add your Evernote reminder.  IFTTT might be an alternative - Outlook and Evernote can be linked by an IFTTT script - don't know if there are any that suit your use case,  but its worth a look...

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i have treid ifttt, doesnt work to get reminders in calender. solution i have which worked for me is one way synchronisation with google calender (form outlook to google). Setup Sunrise calender and connect it to google. Now you will be able to see your reminder in your google calender. You will be able to move the reminders around in the calender. Changes will be picked up by evernote.

Big disadvantage: you have to use your ootlook calender for evernote reminder, outlook for appointments.

I dont have the nervous to take the risk of setting up 2 way sync between google and outlook, but that might solve it for you.

Best would be that Evernote came up with a good solution directlye to outlook!

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