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  1. i have treid ifttt, doesnt work to get reminders in calender. solution i have which worked for me is one way synchronisation with google calender (form outlook to google). Setup Sunrise calender and connect it to google. Now you will be able to see your reminder in your google calender. You will be able to move the reminders around in the calender. Changes will be picked up by evernote. Big disadvantage: you have to use your ootlook calender for evernote reminder, outlook for appointments. I dont have the nervous to take the risk of setting up 2 way sync between google and outlook, but that might solve it for you. Best would be that Evernote came up with a good solution directlye to outlook!
  2. come on guys when o when is it coming.... +1 (premium user)
  3. Hi Guys, I've installed Evernote webclipper in IE10. Somehow it doesn't show.. Can anybody help me. This might not be something of webclipper, but of IE.. I have tried to reinstall the webclipper. I then get the message that I already have a nerwer version of webclipper installed... The one I cant use probably.. Kind regards Reinier
  4. if you send an email to your evernote account you can use the"!" to set the reminder. So if you want to set a reminder for the 23rd of august you put in the subject: !2013/08/23 To add tags use #[name rage] to add notebooks use @[name notebook]
  5. If i write in your app landscpape and save it to evernote, the note is not in landscap, but displayed vertically. What am in doing wrong?
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