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(Archived) How do I turn off getting started guide


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I do not want to share a notebook, but that's apparently what it would take to turn off the )(%($W#& Getting Started guide that pops up each time I restart Evernote. Is there another way? I also don't want to spend an hour mastering this!

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You are not alone. This has been mentioned by others as well.

I believe there is a small x in the upper right corner of the pop-up box.

It is not very obvious - a white x on the green background.

If you click the X, it should kill the constant reminder.

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Do you see the Explore Evernote progress bar in the Left pane?

I believe that closing this should stop the Explore window showing. 


If not, then it may be that a setting is not sticking. I *think* that there is a registry setting that may help this. Not entirely sure though. 

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Here is a recent link with comments about the problem.

dlu (Evernote staff member) said: "The checklist has a little X in the top right corner. There's also a progress meter in the left sidebar. You can close the progress meter and then the checklist will stop appearing."

and prz said: "Thanks to all who replied.  It seems I had 2 problems.  The big green box was solved when I (finally) noticed a box on the EN app itself showing the steps.  I clicked the "x" on that and my big green box / little blue box problem went away."

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