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  1. I'm absolutely FLOORED to discover that Evernote does not recognize the Edge browser and all I get on Firefox is a blank screen. I only discovered this when I got a new laptop and suddenly slammed into the two device limit of my lightly used free account. You've known about this problem for months. What's with the delay in supporting all standard browsers? I'm switching to OneNote without further delay so I can sync all notes on all devices at no charge. Even if I used Evernote all day every day, no way would I pay for such sloppy service. You remind me of the USPS.
  2. There used to be an option to turn off the prompt. It's no longer there. I switched to OneNote when Evernote quit letting low-usage people like me share on multiple devices. I'll never use anything enough to justify the high price tag for Evernote Pro. But we all know Evernote does some things better. I reinstalled Clipper in my browser to store things on my computer and found the nasty alerts are back with no way to silence. It's about to go bye-bye again. I'll learn to live with OneNote, limitations and all.
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