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Note Disappeared can it be recovered?



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Try checking your trash bin. If it's not there, I will have officially reach the limit of suggestion I can offer, so I'll leave you in the more capable hands of other forum members. :)

p.s. Post what client you're using. Web, Mac, Windows or Android. Any help offers will need to know.

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If anyone can help. One of my notes has disappeared. Is there any way to recover it? 


"Disappeared" as in you cannot find the note?  Or "disappeared" in that the note exists but the information from the note is gone?  If the former, then as Wordsgood said, check the Evernote trash.  If the latter, then note history may be helpful.  Premium users have access to note history.  Note history is taken once every about eight hours.  If you think a good version of your note was on the EN servers for at least eight hours & therefore probably created a note history, you can upgrade to premium to get the note history.  You can upgrade to premium for a single month, which will set you back $5.

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Hi there,


To answer all your questions:


1. I'm on a mac.


2. Disappeared as in gone. I was on my iphone looking at it and then it just POOF it was gone. Then I went to my desktop version,  and it's gone. 


3. Sorry, to sound dumb, it's just that ALL my technology isn't working for me today. Where can I find the trash? I see the trashcan, but I don't know how to actually look at what's in there. 


4. The note has been there for probably two years so I can upgrade to premium if it's not in my trash. 


Thanks for all your help everyone! Looking forward to finding the trash.

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hi, I have a similar problem: two of my notes disappeared, are gone from Skitch and from Evernote. And they are not in the Evernote Trash. Moreover, I tried to look for them in My User Library and in my Mac Library, in Application Support, BUT, very strange there is no application support in the Libraries, neither for Evernote or Skitch.  I have a MacBook Pro Retina (end of 2013) and mac OS X Yosemite. Any suggestion, please? Ah, something else, there were my first two Skitch notes since it was this morning that I started using Skitch. I have read that the Skitch Notes were automatically saved in Evernote, in te cloud.  Isn't there any other place where they are saved?  Thanks.

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If anyone can help. One of my notes has disappeared. Is there any way to recover it? 


There have been issues with 6.0 of note titles disappearing.


Try searching for: 'Untitled' notes


Then re-title them... 

You might find some of your missing notes that way.


If its one specific note, try a search with contents in the body of the note rather than the title.

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