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Evernote 5.5 Beta 2 Takes awhile to load startup



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HMmmm I see you are on an SSD, I too am on an SSD (13" rMBP) and I get about 1 bounce before the window shows up, so pretty speedy. (Granted I am only at around 1100 notes/3gb databse, perhaps that is a factor). 


I have a few less notes than you.  Perhaps I should uninstall EN and reinstall it.  

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Anyone else having issues with EN 5.5 Beta 2 build 402579 taking awhile to load when starting the application?  It just bounces in the dock for awhile then I can login.  Annoying.


If find it starts quickly, but does NOT automatically show the Evernote window.  The Apple menu shows Evernote as the active app, but the Evernote window is not shown.  I have to CMD-TAB to Evernote to show the window.

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