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  1. I'd love to see slash commands and bots implemented. This would take EN to whole new level!
  2. @JMichaelTX thanks for the quick response. I do use tags now and perhaps will continue to use tags. Maybe I just need to clean my tags up a bit.
  3. I have over 4500 notes and I'm looking to get away from tags, and use search. I'd like to be able to select multiple notes and add certain text to each note. Example: select 100 different notes and add #work_related_email How can I do this without blowing Evernote up?
  4. I know this is beta, but I find it extremely buggy, slow to sync and have notes that aren't put in the appropriate notebook (when moved from one to another). I'll give the next beta a run through.
  5. Back on topic with the OP. I've tried ON on a three or four different occasions and always come back to EN. I've used notebooks, I've used really good titles, I've used tags, I've used tags and really good titles, I've used the inbox and archived everything. I'm still with evernote and still using tags, an inbox, decent titles, and an archive. I can find just about anything I need in a few seconds. I couldn't do that with ON.
  6. Yes I have, even tried using the Windows client. No luck.
  7. Anyone else losing notes in 5.5 Beta 2 Build 402579? Scenario - Searching for notes that I usually search for returns no notes. Notes are no where to be found in EN. Even when browsing notes the note won't appear. Tried closing EN and starting again, no luck.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion JMichael, but that still doesn't work for me. Not exaggerating the EN icon will bounce in the dock about 100 times. lol
  9. I have a few less notes than you. Perhaps I should uninstall EN and reinstall it.
  10. Anyone else having issues with EN 5.5 Beta 2 build 402579 taking awhile to load when starting the application? It just bounces in the dock for awhile then I can login. Annoying.
  11. Works for me. I'm using EN 5.5 build 402491 for OSX. If I edit the file in Excel or in LibreOffice, the change is automatically saved in EN. Just as it should be. Now if you're trying to do this with Numbers, you'll have to export it back to xlsx and probably upload the latest revision.
  12. To me fair here. Let's all get this right. First your notes are saved on your device (hd), then they are synced with the EN servers, from there your various devices download the latest notes and changes. JMichael, you state: -------------------- Again, this is highly MISLEADING and may actually cause users to not have the Notes available they expect. For example, the blog directly suggest that, IF I sync new notes on EN Mac, they are INSTANTLY available on my other devices, like my iPhone and iPad. This is just NOT CORRECT. -------------------- JMichael, first your notes are saved to your device (HD) as I mentioned above. They are then synced with the EN servers, which your various devices then have immediate access to and can download. Whether or not your device can immediately sync with the EN servers, I don't know, but the data is immediately available for sync on the EN servers. Let me also add this: since all notes are immediately saved to your HD (device), you have a backup of the latest notes, even if a sync with the EN servers fail.
  13. This is the right place to put feature requests. Evernote does read all the posts in the forum but does not respond to each & every one. But no, IMO, this is not "smart". Rather more of a PITA. I sure don't want every word/phrase I search for to be a tag. That's why I use keywords instead of tags. I agree with HamburgerNFries again! We don't want anything to automatically create anything! However, I posted a couple of days ago ... that I would like to have saved searches saved under "SAVED SEARCHES" in the sidebar instead of under "SHORTCUTS". Makes sense to me and would be very useful. I don't need saved searches that far up in the IDE! Further down is fine. From my experience, it'd be rather simple to implement also. We'll see if the EN developers agree.
  14. Can't you just right click (two finger click on a mac) and export to PDF or open in Preview, save as PDF and import or drag and drop into DT? Personally, I find EN notes easy to export. At least one at a time.
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