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Android App Rotating Uploaded Pictures

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Hi, all,


I am trying to understand why the Evernote android app (on my Nexus 5) is inserting attached pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left.  Anyone have any ideas?


The photos orientation is correct on the phone.  In fact, if I tap the image inside the Evernote it is displayed with correct orientation.  However within the Android app and on my Mac Evernote shows the pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left.  What gives?


In addition to stopping this from happening with other photos, how do I fix the rotated photos in the notes?




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Check on the web or desktop version of Evernote and move those pictures into an editing app to see which way up they appear.  You may find that even if they are the 'right' way up,  saving them back into the note without further change will fix the orientation.  If they don't appear correctly in your editor,  then rotate as necessay and save.  It may be that your Nexus has some inbuilt image correction of its own which is confusing the issue.


I suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) anyway for the team's information.

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I checked the web app.  Like the mobile app and the desktop app the images are rotated.  Within the web app I right-clicked the image and selected "open in a new tab".  The image's orientation was correct in the new tab.  So, it seems like all three evernote apps (mobile, web, desktop) are rendering this particular picture incorrectly.  But my phone's image viewer and Chrome on Mac are rendering it correctly.


I'll open a support ticket as you suggest.

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I noticed this tonight... I have not uploaded a lot of images to my evernote account from my phone, but tonight I found this odd issue. 


I've got a Samsung Galaxy S4(?) - I took an image with the camera, and used the Evernote app's plugin to upload it. The resulting note rotated my image a quarter turn to the left. Sending it to my EN account via email also resulted in a rotated image. I tried drommond's method of trying to rt-click it and "open in a new tab" (using the web client in chrome) but the image in the new tab was still incorrectly rotated, so no change. 


Sending it to my gmail account gave me a correctly oriented image (ie, same orientation as it's displayed on my phone). 


I managed to get it into EN with the correct orientation by emailing it to my gmail account and then using the EN Web Clipper to grab and save the image. 

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I found out how to fix my orientation problems (camera didn't seem to be aware of my phone orientation when pic was taken) - go into the camera option and click the "..." Then click settings and there is an option to fix photo orientation. It snaps a series of photos and you click when they look correct! Finally fixed this problem of sideways photos in my notes!

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