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  1. The web clipper has recently stopped working reliably for me. Just this morning I clipped an "article" (using the Evernote term) of a web page. This particular page included a car rental confirmation. The clipper responded that it succeeded. But the note in Evernote has only metadata: the correct title, the source URL, etc. I then tried clipping the "full article" of the same page. This does nothing. The icon on chrome briefly changes from gray to blue and then back to gray. But, unlike an "article" clipping, I never receive a message saying it succeeded. Indeed, no notes appear in my Evernote account. What can I do to get the clipper working again?
  2. I checked the web app. Like the mobile app and the desktop app the images are rotated. Within the web app I right-clicked the image and selected "open in a new tab". The image's orientation was correct in the new tab. So, it seems like all three evernote apps (mobile, web, desktop) are rendering this particular picture incorrectly. But my phone's image viewer and Chrome on Mac are rendering it correctly. I'll open a support ticket as you suggest.
  3. Hi, all, I am trying to understand why the Evernote android app (on my Nexus 5) is inserting attached pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. Anyone have any ideas? The photos orientation is correct on the phone. In fact, if I tap the image inside the Evernote it is displayed with correct orientation. However within the Android app and on my Mac Evernote shows the pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. What gives? In addition to stopping this from happening with other photos, how do I fix the rotated photos in the notes? Thanks!
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