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  1. The web clipper has recently stopped working reliably for me. Just this morning I clipped an "article" (using the Evernote term) of a web page. This particular page included a car rental confirmation. The clipper responded that it succeeded. But the note in Evernote has only metadata: the correct title, the source URL, etc. I then tried clipping the "full article" of the same page. This does nothing. The icon on chrome briefly changes from gray to blue and then back to gray. But, unlike an "article" clipping, I never receive a message saying it succeeded. Indeed, no notes appear in my Evernote account. What can I do to get the clipper working again?
  2. I checked the web app. Like the mobile app and the desktop app the images are rotated. Within the web app I right-clicked the image and selected "open in a new tab". The image's orientation was correct in the new tab. So, it seems like all three evernote apps (mobile, web, desktop) are rendering this particular picture incorrectly. But my phone's image viewer and Chrome on Mac are rendering it correctly. I'll open a support ticket as you suggest.
  3. Hi, all, I am trying to understand why the Evernote android app (on my Nexus 5) is inserting attached pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. Anyone have any ideas? The photos orientation is correct on the phone. In fact, if I tap the image inside the Evernote it is displayed with correct orientation. However within the Android app and on my Mac Evernote shows the pictures rotated 90 degrees to the left. What gives? In addition to stopping this from happening with other photos, how do I fix the rotated photos in the notes? Thanks!
  4. I second Sophie's request for a more detailed response. This issue is affecting me, too. I cannot sync on my Asus Transformer (Android).
  5. I just came back from a conference, where I use my Android-based Evernote instance to take notes. Today the mobile client deleted text from two of the notes that I tried to modify at the event. For the first note I changed the title and the entire note text was lost. For the second note, made textual changes and all text was lost. Interestingly, an embedded picture in this second note remains and was not lost. I've opened a ticket on this issue. I am curious if anyone can recommend anything obvious that I might be doing wrong.
  6. Thanks all for your thoughts. Of the comments everyone made the most obvious use case for tags is "any content that was not entered by hand". Usually when I create a note by hand--typing during a meeting or when watching a presentation--I name the note helpfully. In those cases my desktop search is very good. But when content comes from other sources this fails. Content emailed to Evernote, web clipped, Tweeted, added via drag-and-drop. Any of these might lack good note titles or could have existing titles (such as from web pages) that are not consistent with how I organize info. Tags would be good for this. I did a bit of searching after reading this thread. I am now certain that I am way underusing Evernote. I really need to figure out a way to get rid of old receipts and old printed class notes. I don't have a scanner but think that a scanner, a simple process of uploading the images, and tags might be a good way to keep important financial records indefinitely.
  7. Hi, everyone, I'm a happy Evernote user for years and a premium customer for about a year. For the first couple years I diligently assigned meaningful tags to all my notes. I kept up with this until recently when I finally realized that I never use the tags after assigning them to the note. The truth is that OSX's native search (Spotlight) is so good that I seem to be much more successful with desktop searches than by selecting tags in the Evernote UI. Obviously some of you like tags a lot. Can you tell me what I am missing? What are your use cases for tags that makes them better than a good desktop search? I am very interested to hear of tricks I may not be aware of.
  8. I recently purchased a new Mac and dutifully downloaded the Evernote client immediately. After some time the notes were through syncing and I was off. But then I noticed that none of my notes are hit by spotlight searches. Has something gone wrong during the install that is stopping spotlight from finding my notes? Scott
  9. Thank you for the reply! But I think I am using the full desktop client. I downloaded it (Version 1.1.6) for my Mac (version 10.5.5.) That's where I'm seeing the problem. But maybe I'm doing something wrong? I'm dragging the icon to the left of the address in Firefox to the folder list in Evernote. I'm seeing "clipper activity" in the activity window. But the page just says, "need to login". Or did I not download the right desktop client? I'm certainly glad to pay for a version if I'm not currently in possession of the "full" version and this problem will be fixed.
  10. I'd like to clip the content from a web page that requires login using the drag-and-drop feature from my Firefox browser address bar. When I try to do so, Evernote lacks my user login information and simply inserts a message from the web site that asks me to login. How can I configure Evernote with my login information or at least get it to prompt me for the credentials? Thanks! Scott
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