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EN offline and premium questions

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I have EN Windows on my desktop, as well as on a couple of mobile devices. Just wanted to make sure I'm understanding how EN works with respect to access on mobile devices w/o Premium.


1. The EN database is always accessible on the desktop, whether online or offline, because the database is stored there

2. Synced notebooks are accessible on mobile devices as long as the devices are online. Some notes may be accessible offline, but only if they happen to be in the cache

3. Changes to these offline cached notes will sync once online

4. EN Premium would save synced notebooks to all mobile devices, making them available when offline

5. Local (non-synced) notebooks can be created on any device and are stored only on that device (no cloud storage or storage on other devices)


Does that all sound correct?


What about notebooks and notes created on a mobile device? Without a Premium account, do these notes get transferred to the desktop database and removed from the mobile device (i.e., no permanent storage on the mobile device)?

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You're pretty much spot on, a few notes:

With premium, you have to SELECT which notebooks are available offline on your mobile device. They are not set to be available offline be default (which is good... My database would fill my storage on my mobile devices, is only need 2 or 3 notebooks set to be available offline).

Regardless of premium or free, notes and notebooks created on a mobile device are automatically synced to EN servers when a connection is available. Notes created are locally cached whether you are free or premium. They will persist and be entirely available offline if you have made the notebook they are available offline. So, a premium user who creates a note in a non-offline notebook (and ALL free user notes) will have that note added to EN's servers which will be pulled to your desktop database next time you sync your desktop client. In the meantime it will persist temporarily in the mobile device cache, it is never "removed" per se, it is just added to the regular comings and goings of cached items.

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Just to clarify re item 5 and non-synced notebooks;  you can NOT create a non-synced notebook on a phone.  All notes are synced back to notebooks on the server - which is the benchmark source for all saved data,  except for that stored in local (offline) notebooks on desktop clients and (some? most?) tablets.  All databases stored in any device are merely copies of the server version - except for the local only stuff on isolated devices.

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