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Skitch Mac 2.7.2 has been released

Joe Lopez


Hello everyone!


Late yesterday we published Skitch Mac 2.7.2 to our website for direct download and enabled auto-update for all previous direct download users. If you are a Mac App Store user this version has been submitted and we're waiting for their approval.


This is a small-ish update that addresses some key bugs and adds some minor features, but does set us up for some some more future work.


Things changed in this version include:

  • Fixes for naming issues when submitting via FTP
  • Fixes for some crash cases
  • Fixes to address screen capture when multiple monitors are active
  • Fix to a bug which were blocking some sharing services if you are not logged in (you should be able to use all non-Evernote specific services to share from the share menu now)
  • Updated the annotation engine which has enabled PDF page rotation and deletion
  • And a whole bunch of other bugs have been fixed. 
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Can I just say how unhappy I am with the new version of Skitch? It was hands down one of my favorite and most often used programs and with this new redesign I find it difficult to use. Features are gone (Option copy?), new frustrating features (overlapping of objects is impossible as you select the objects underneath) and all the tools are all now hidden in flyouts. The eraser is gone as well. It's really frustrating as it was a very simple streamlined program that was incredibly intuitive and all of the features were easy to use and in the right places. Now it is over complicated and not easy to use. I guess I need a new image markup program. Such a shame. Why fix something that isn't broken?

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