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  1. 6.1 is a BIG improvement. Just please give us a few more customization options so it can look like v5. You can hide them in the options, just give us the option! :-)
  2. Great updates, but what about dark mode in Yosemite? The menubar icon needs an update:
  3. JMichael, That is an excellent website, thank you for the link. It is all to easy for a designer to create a visual that looks good on his and his colleagues computers. If I only worked on the awesome 5k displays at my office, with their excellent color accuracy and incredible vibrancy, I would be neglecting the hundreds of other less appealing computer situations that others have to endure. Even something as simple as the cleaner in your office keeping your monitors free of dust and fingerprints can make a difference to how you design. My iphone 6s may also vividly display my design, and my retina Macbook Pro at home keeps my illusion of universal design excellence going into the night. Try going into a best buy store and looking at your designs on some fingerprint filled, good but lower quality or at least different quality display. Designs should look good on as many modern displays as possible, and I think is perhaps far more important than say, ensuring a website still works without javascript or on IE6. But despite all of that, the lack of contrast in EN6 just makes the whole experience unappealing. EN5 was beautiful, as was the web clipper. At least give us some display options so we don't jump ship as soon as a more visually appealing piece of software comes out. It can't be that difficult to at least bury some options in the preferences. Robert
  4. Please, it is so so bright, is free from any discernible contrast, and is totally uninspiring. It is definitely an accessibility issue too. I used to enjoy firing up Evernote, but the new design just sucks ass. I am amazed at what a difference the color change has made to my ability to use the program. Robert
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