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Old Account with Old email - Can't Log in or Reset so Lost Account?!?!

Love It and Lost It


I have had Evernote for years.  It has been a wonderful tool for brainstorming and I'd really hate to lose my original account information.  My problem is that when I entered my USER ID, the password would not work.  I tried many variations of the same password (uppercase, lowercase, etc. and none worked).  When I RESET, I never got the email, leading me to believe that I never updated my email when I changed from comcast to verizon two years ago.  Is there anyone that can help me?


My account should be really easy to find.  HELP!


:-/ Sandy

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Thanks for the reply.  Support only helps paying accounts, don't they?  Is there a troubleshooting forum?  Mine was free and no, I can't use the reset because my email must have been an old one.  In the last two years, I've let a domain name lapse and changed internet carriers.  Ugh!


The real question is why my password stopped working in the first place.  I know what it was and according to my records, I hadn't changed it.  Well, I did, but the ORIGINAL password kept working according to my notes.  After I changed the password to what never worked, I always had trouble getting in.  I could keep it open on my MacBook Pro, so didn't think anything of it when the latest update became available.  That's what eliminated my access.  If I could access a link that would allow me to change my email, old to new, with my USER ID, I'd be all set.  Of course, that's assuming I know what email I used.  Damn!

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Nope support will help free accounts too,  though paying get priority.  This is the troubleshooting forum,  but we don't have access to user accounts so you need the tech team to reset the password if the multiple changes have left you and it confused as to which one applies.  You should be able to log in with either an email or your user ID - the email only becomes important if you need a password change emailed to you.  Try logging in on the website via Evernote.com and if you're successful go to My Account and change your registered email.  Then reset the password - again - to something new.  After that you should be able to gain access on all your devices.

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So, I go to the support page.  I put my UserID and current email on the top.  


SUBJECT:  Username is RIGHT; Password and Email, Maybe not


Then the following explanation of the problem:  Can't reset my account or access it since I ran the latest update.  It is an old free account that I would like back.  I have changed my email and discontinued a domain name, so believe my Evernote email is incorrect, which makes the reset option for a non-working password not work either.  HELP!

I'd really like to be able to access it again (from my MacBook Pro), as well as add it to my Android phone too.  I have Growl which has something to do with this too, right?
The Evernote Evangelist on the forum had me retry with no improvement.  I have an index card with my Evernote sign in, but it does not show the email used when I originally set up the account or a working password (believe me, I've TRIED!!).  
Is there a way to gain entry with just the UserID?  Do you want to ask me some security questions?
The SUBMIT button won't work because "User name must be valid."  
Four posts.
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Give support a shot right here http://evernote.com/contact/support/


EN support is rather helpful.  Although I'm a premium user, I've had nothing, but positive results when I did have to contact them.  I hope you have the same stellar results.  Like was said previously, it's not lost, you just can't access it .... yet.  Don't give up.  Good luck.


Edit:  let me add this....if by chance you can't access your account, there is a backup on your computer.  Everything syncs from your computer to the EN server, so technically you could create a new account and copy the EN data over to the new account.  It's rather elementary and something you're probably already aware of.  So don't panic.  Good luck bud.

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