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Suggestions from a heavy Evernote User/Fan



Been using Evernote for almost a year and find it to be to run my business and organize my personal affairs. 


However, I have some suggestions that would greatly help organization and the ability to navigate more efficiently.  It doesn't seem like these would be that difficult to implement.

for evernote on Mac.  -

1) allow users to color code the short cuts that are put on the left bar - it's hard to differentiate between shortcut tags, or searches.

2)  when you review a note, allow some way to just click a tag on the note to pull up all other notes with that tag.  I find myself making a new note, tagging it, and then having to type the tag in again to pull up all related notes. 

3) -this one I know is more challenging but allow users to collaborate in real time.  Kind of upsetting that EN promotes that they have shared folders to collaborate when in fact in the real world it doesn't work due to conflicts. We shouldn't have to use some third party application like Liveminutes.  


otherwise can't say how much I love using evernote! thanks. 

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Agree with AronsLaw re the suggestions and would add that perhaps a little window on the bottom left hand side of the page displaying an advanced clipboard of sorts would be just the ticket for point two..

so what if the clipboard was a list that displayed the last say 5 ctrl+C items where paste would be possible also by click and drag. These could be displayed as bubbles in an ever changing list in a box (say bottom left) where every time you copied a new one the last would drop off and so on.

This could also have other applications and help streamline stuff that can be tedious some times


Otherwise can I reflect AronsLaw by saying


""otherwise can't say how much I love using evernote! thanks""

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There are lots of clipboard managers out there that can get pretty sophisticated and allow you to control your content across all apps, not just Evernote. Take a look at ClipMenu for example on OS X.

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