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Outlook Addon New Clip - Also Set Reminder at the same time

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It has been suggested just now by you. Evernote staff read these forums though they do not often write responses. 


They also rarely publish their development timelines and plans, so whether this is in the pipes or not it unknown. You'll have to wait until it appears or it doesn't. 

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An idea for future releases.  


If the Clipper in Outlook contained a place to set a reminder, that would save a step.  I could put it in the right notebook AND set a reminder of when I needed it again, particularly helpful for meeting reminders. 


As it is, I currently have to track down the note once I've added it to apply the appropriate reminder.

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You can set clipper preferences (in your browser) to show a copy of the note once clipped (in Windows) so you could at least avoid the search,  but agreed the Outlook clipper is a little basic. This may be more a problem with Outlook than anything else...

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