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What is the right way to recruit a Evernote Developer for a project?


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fyi I run an internet startup so I have some, but limited experience creating dev teams.


In my day to day work I use EV a lot to manage a lot.  I have a need to have an EV App created that would help me immensely and I believe if done right would be an EV App able to exist in the EV App eco-system.



Q:  What are the best ways to go about finding a EV developer?



Q:  What is the best way to use this forum in my efforts?



Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


All the best,



Foster City, CA

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I'm assuming you're looking for someone familiar with the Evernote API, and not someone presently employed by Evernote.  If that's the case, I think it'd be best to start in our Evernote Developers forum, which is for third party developers to collaborate concerning the the Evernote API.



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